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Adding "new force" to power direct transaction, eight water and wind power enterprises in Chongqing are shortlisted

adding "new force" to power direct transaction will bring more convenience to industrial enterprises to enjoy the reduction of power cost! On September 3, Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology introduced that eight water and wind power enterprises, including Chongqing Datang International Pengshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., will newly enter the 2017 electricity market trading pilot of polyolefin pof5 layer coextrusion double-sided tensile heat shrinkable film developed by Shandong Taikang degradable packaging materials Co., Ltd

after the introduction of the new transmission and distribution electricity price, according to the spirit of the municipal government agreeing to lock in the proportion of domestic hydropower and thermal power to participate in market-oriented transactions, recently, some water and wind power enterprises applied for access to the 2017 electricity market-oriented transactions. According to the spirit of relevant documents, the fatigue fracture of Chongqing is obviously divided into two areas: the smoother crack expansion area and the coarser fracture area. The economic and Information Technology Commission and relevant municipal departments reviewed their application materials, A total of 8 enterprises passed the review and entered the list of new water and wind power enterprises to be admitted to the 2017 electricity market trading pilot

according to the person in charge of relevant departments and offices of Chongqing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the market entities involved in direct transactions include power users, power generation enterprises and power selling companies worldwide, and all of them should meet the relevant conditions. The daily maintenance measures for concrete pressure testing machines - for power generation enterprises, they should be unified public power generation enterprises that comply with the national capital construction approval procedures and obtain the power generation business license. Meet the conditions that the single unit capacity of thermal power is more than 300000 kW (the unit capacity of comprehensive utilization of resources encouraged by the state can be expanded to more than 100000 kW), meet the national environmental protection requirements, have environmental protection facilities such as desulfurization, denitration and dust removal, and put into normal operation. Hydropower should be a power generation enterprise with a reservoir regulation capacity of seasonal regulation or above and a unit capacity of 50000 kW or above

for power selling companies, participating in direct electricity trading should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the guiding opinions on the entry and exit of market players in Chongqing power selling side reform issued by the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the central China Energy Regulatory Bureau and the Municipal Price Bureau

for power users, to declare to participate in direct power transactions, on the basis of complying with national industrial policies, environmental protection policies and energy conservation and emission reduction policies, large industrial power users with an annual power consumption of 5million kwh or more can participate in direct transactions by themselves or entrust power sales companies to participate in direct transactions on behalf of large industrial users. At the same time, for users whose annual power consumption reaches 3million kWh and is less than 5million kwh, power selling companies can organize such users to "bundle" and participate in direct transactions. In addition, power users who participate in direct transactions are required to complete relevant access procedures, and enterprises that do not conform to national industrial policies, products and processes that are restricted or eliminated are not allowed to participate in direct transactions

as a major measure for the country to promote the reform of power marketization, direct power trading is conducive to giving play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of power resources and improving the utilization rate of resources; It is conducive to liberalizing the autonomy of users' power purchase and power generation enterprises' power sales, and improving the electricity price formation mechanism; It is conducive to promoting the optimization of industrial structure, transformation and upgrading, and reducing the power consumption cost of industrial enterprises

list of new water and wind power enterprises to be admitted to the pilot of power market trading in 2017

1 Chongqing Datang International Pengshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

2 Chongqing Jiangkou hydropower Co., Ltd. of state power investment group

3 Chongqing Bashan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (Ranjiaba)

4 Chongqing Caojie shipping power development Co., Ltd.

5 Chongqing Datang International Wulong Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

6 Chongqing Youshui Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

7 Chongqing Shizitan Power Generation Co., Ltd. of state power investment group

8 Guodian Chongqing Wind Power Development Co., Ltd

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