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Power employees win praise for "being good at small things"

Yang Song carries water for the elderly

Dazhou, Sichuan, August 16 (injection boxes and measurement technology using newly developed mixing heads, Wang Hongji) "as an employee of the township front-line power supply station, it's common to help the rural left behind elderly carry sweet potatoes, grain and water!" On August 15, Yang Song, the director of Dongliu power supply station of guodazhu power supply company, was very calm when he talked about turning off the oil valve to carry water for the elderly

in the morning of August 14, Yang Song led Tang Zefu and Dai Zezhong, the staff of the power supply station, and a group of four people to Xinsheng township to deal with the hidden dangers of cable safety. At about 9:00, near the No. 4 platform area of Tieban village, when they were preparing to prepare for the transportation of tools and instruments, Yang Song saw an old man walking hard on the mountain road with water in the distance. After arranging the work on site, he immediately ran face to face with the old man. "Old man, how old are you...?" In front of the old man, Yang Song took the shoulder pole from her shoulder and asked with concern. After learning that the old man was 88 years old, Yang Song, without saying a word, picked up the bucket and followed the old man towards her home

after helping the old man pick up water, I learned from my neighbor that the old man's name is caiboxiu. She is a lonely old man. She is not used to living in a nursing home. Now she lives alone in the countryside. Due to the recent drought, the villagers in group 4 of Tieban village have to go to a place more than a mile away to fetch water every day. The old man also carries water every day like his neighbors. Because she is older, she can only pick up half a bucket of water at a time

when leaving the old man's house, Yang Song also left 100 yuan for the old man. Considering that the old man is older, it is inconvenient to recharge the electricity bill, and the electricity consumption is not much, Yang Song also promised the old man that he would pay the electricity bill for her in the future. "The power staff not only helped the old man carry water, but also took money for her. It's really good!" Yang Songshan's small-scale actions won bursts of praise from the villagers present

"when the old man was carrying water and walking hard on the mountain road, he couldn't help thinking of his grandmother who once lived in the countryside." Yang Song, who has experience in rural life, said that he would also make a special trip to check for the elderly. At present, ecovio has passed the major compostable certification around the world to repair lines. While ensuring the safe use of electricity for the elderly, he would visit her from time to time, give more care and help to the elderly, and make her feel warm and happy in her later life. (photo provided by the author)

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