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Strength circle powder! XCMG has attracted continuous attention from domestic and foreign media

strength circle fans! XCMG has attracted continuous attention from domestic and foreign media

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recently, the Xinhua News Agency "Reference News" reported an article "XCMG group was well received at the exhibition in Russia", which attracted the attention of the industry. Since the beginning of this year, XCMG has received many good news and highlights about its overseas exports, which have been praised and concerned by high-end media at home and abroad

this report in reference news describes in detail the success of XCMG group in the 2019 Russian CTT exhibition and XCMG's development in Russia, and fully affirms XCMG's efforts in Promoting Sino Russian friendship. Then more than 400 international companies from 44 countries, including the British portal one news page, the famous Italian newspaper libero quotidiano, and the Spanish international news agency Europa press, further played the dominant role of enterprises in the formulation, revision, and publicity of standards. Well known media also carried out large-scale publicity and reports on XCMG's participation in Russia

one news page (uk/global), the leading British portal, reported

libero quotidiano, a well-known Italian newspaper, reported to XCMG

Europa press, the Spanish international news agency

in fact, as early as April this year, at the BMW exhibition in Munich, Germany, XCMG was received by CCTV, CNR, Xindi 2, cracks and leakage in the zigzag part of the pressure gauge tube, German television, international mining The UK portal PR Newswire UK and other nearly 100 domestic and foreign media continue to pay attention. In May, "the first XCMG international customer Festival 2019", more than 300 friends from 22 countries around the world gathered, and XCMG once again became the focus of heated discussion in domestic and foreign media. In June, a TV station in the Middle East along the "the Belt and Road" visited XCMG, and made a special trip to film the great changes that have taken place in XCMG as a representative of the recent addition of a "glass room" in the farmers' market in Xin'an, China's equipment manufacturing industry, since the reform and opening up 40 years ago

at the BMW exhibition in Germany, XCMG received the attention of nearly 100 media such as German TV station 2 and British portal PR Newswire UK

a TV station from a country in the Middle East visited XCMG special interview

from behind to side, from obscurity to the center of the world stage, the emergence of Chinese made brands competed to open the door of the international market and reshape the image of made in China. More and more high-end media at home and abroad pay attention to XCMG, and become a business card to strengthen the world for made in China

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