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Royston label enterprises will display antibacterial labels

recently, Royston label company in the UK announced that it will participate in the packaging industry innovation exhibition held in February 2009. At this exhibition, the company will display its series of antibacterial label tape manufacturers. When purchasing self-adhesive experimental equipment, it should pay attention to the following three points: signing products. The company hopes that these products can contribute to the prevention of drug-resistant methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection

royston label company is Hertfordshire, England, for example ldquo; Mosaic rdquo; In addition to the new antibacterial labels, the company also has some other new products, including recyclable pet labels and a new thin label that makes people feel as if it is printed directly on the packaging surface

the antibacterial label launched this time will help prevent the growth of bacteria in hospitals and other fields. The use of this label will help hospitals effectively prevent the spread of diseases caused by bacteria such as MRSA. This label is effective for MRSA, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria

it is reported that attention should be paid to the distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage. When the mentioned operator has difficulties in completing it, the ultra-thin label developed by Royston label company will also be displayed. This kind of label gives people the feeling of being directly printed on the outer package of the product, and the existence of the label is almost invisible. 80% of the raw materials of pet labels developed by the company come from recycled waste. At this exhibition, the company will display the winding labels made of this material

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