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Circular pressing bronzing machine - bronzing causes the display to display the above characters: "n0--" and then drives the sample number (this number is the workpiece number) into the machine. The new highlight of the family

single sheet made by Steuer in Germany ● standard mold diameter: φ The 33 ± 0.1mm paper round pressing bronzing machine, with a speed of 12000 sheets per hour, has become a new highlight of the bronzing family with its increasingly mature technology, quality and efficiency. At present, 35 sets have been distributed in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and stora foil-jet fbr104 round stamping machines have been introduced in Changde and Chongqing respectively

this machine has the following four characteristics at the same time: high efficiency, excellent quality, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection, so it has attracted much attention. The two elements of bronzing are temperature and pressure (try to eliminate them under the action of both; if it is still impossible to eliminate the fault, the bonding layer melts and the gold foil is pasted on the pattern). Because the round pressing and round bronzing machine is in line contact mode, these two elements have less restrictions on it. For large-area hot stamping, for example, when the hot stamping area on 720 x 1040mm format reaches 70%, it is almost impossible to use flat stamping and bronzing, while round stamping and round bronzing can be achieved at ℃ and the effect is good

through programming and servo motor control, Steuer adopts a special patented foil transmission and step skipping mode, which can compress the graphics and texts on the gold foil very closely, thus saving a lot of gold foil; The machine adopts strict program control. Each reading of a pattern will detect one, identify and locate it separately. When one pattern is inaccurate, the position of the foil film can be changed through the program until it is accurate, and this change does not affect the detection and registration of other patterns. Therefore, it can be applied to the whole picture and text. On paper weighing from 35g to 600g, the machine also includes the test of car wheel hubs, which can print the fine lines realistically and delicately, making it impossible for counterfeiters to imitate

the round pressing bronzing machine has a high cost performance ratio, which can make large-scale hot stamping simple and fast. It has great potential in the cigarette bag, medicine and cosmetics industries

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