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Royalpingdom: 47billion instant messaging messages per day in 2009. On April 28, Royal Pingdom () recently summarized the relevant data of the world's major instant messaging tools and drew a chart

according to the chart, in 2009, there were 1billion users of instant messaging tools worldwide, with a total of 2.5 billion accounts, generating 47billion instant messaging messages every day, and each user sent an average of 53 messages every day. Among instant messaging messages, 68% are personal information and 32% are enterprise information

it is estimated that by 2013, the number of global instant messaging users will reach 1.7 billion

figure: global instant messaging related data in 2009

the first instant messaging tools are Cu seeme launched in 1993, powwow launched in 1994, AOL Instant messaging tool and ICQ launched in 1996. The registration mark of "instant messenger" is owned by AOL

figure: historical schedule of instant messaging tools

instant messaging tools with the largest number of users include: Skype (560million registered users), Tencent (522million enterprises with a life of more than 100 million yuan only have 30 or so user accounts), MSN (330million active users), Yahoo connect (94 million users - 2007 data)

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figure: the number of users of five instant messaging tools

figure: the most popular instant messaging clients

according to the data, the world's most popular instant messaging clients are MSN, Skype, Yahoo connect, Gtalk, pidgin

figure: data about Microsoft MSN

data about Microsoft MSN is: 1.5 billion communications are generated every day, and 9billion messages are generated every day. The number of signature file messages updated every month is 1billion. Others who log in every day spend thousands more, accounting for 40% of users. At the same time, the maximum number of users is 400, and the construction of the national new material testing and evaluation regional center is 0 million

figure: data on Skype and Tencent

data on Skype: the highest number of people at the same time is 23million. The proportion of business users is 35%

Tencent's data: the highest number of people at the same time is 100million

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