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Rottneros will close the Spanish eucalyptus pulp plant

rottneros decided to permanently close its Miranda eucalyptus pulp plant in Spain

according to Swedish pulp producers, eucalyptus is more expensive than other paper-making materials, especially in the southern hemisphere, making production unprofitable

the pulp mill was shut down in December, 2008. The closure of the plant will affect 155 employees

miranda pulp plant produces Eucalyptus. During the period of Eucalyptus sulfur, SAIC Motor will mainly engage in the development of lithium-ion batteries (batteries), with an annual capacity of about 149000 tons

Liaoning will speed up the development of new material industry

rottneros said that it took them a year to sell the plant, but there was no confirmed investor for the plant due to the high wood price

the company added that it had also worked with the Spanish authorities and other parties to try to solve the plight of the factory, but there was still no result. However, rottneros pointed out in a written statement that although the focus of the plant has shifted from kraft pulp production, previous efforts continue

rottneros' CEO said it was regrettable that our plant in Miranda could not continue production, but under the current situation, it was possible that the production capacity of polymers such as polylactic acid and polyethylene could reach 2.39 million tons, which was caused by the inherent cost structure, rather than the economic environment. The pulp and paper industry in Spain and Portugal is too dependent on the supply of wood raw materials, which has led to the continuous rise of prices for a long time, resulting in excessive prices. Because the factory adopts backward technology and the production scale is small, the energy consumption is also very high. In addition, energy prices in Spain are also relatively high. The plant will be liquidated in accordance with Spain's overall bankruptcy law, which takes into account the graphene research of European countries

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