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Rotomec launched a new gravure printing machine

rotomec recently launched a multifunctional printing machine for soft material printing - RS 4003 MP

RS 4003 MP is a model in terms of gravure printing performance and revenue. This machine realizes high efficiency and low cost, meets the requirements of the market, and is suitable for medium and mass production of high-quality printing flexible packaging

rs 4003 MP showed its superior performance, technology and superior printing quality to packaging and printing experts from 16 countries around the world in its 3-day trial operation

rs 4003 MP is a cart type printing roller: the setting of its printing unit has both functional and engineering design, which makes the cart replacement operation very convenient. The configuration design of the whole machine also facilitates the operation procedure: the two workers who are responsible for all printing operations only need to complete the corresponding preparations and order changing operations

like all rotomec gravure printing machines, the RS 4003 MP machine has a certified rotomec electric linkage (ES) system, while the high dynamic interface (HDI) also integrates the boster s 5100 registration control system. The value measured by rotom is related to the position of fracture. EC company has recently developed this system, which has achieved a breakthrough in waste reduction and revenue of gravure printing machine. Through the communication interface, the combination of registration and printing control is completed at the speed of 12 megabytes/second, which can increase the overall speed indicated by the registration and calibration announcement by 5 times, especially when the machine accelerates and decelerates. Its fully automatic pre registration setting (TAPs) uses independent registration marks and workflow re call devices, which greatly improves the efficiency of preparation

rs 4003 MP is mainly aimed at soft. It is obvious that rigid PVC foamed plastic products are widely used in packaging and printing with large market demand. At the same time, they can also be used in other production, such as linkage lamination and coating. According to the specific production requirements that it is necessary to equip the stretching machine with a large stroke to test the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials, the machine provides the most suitable single or double dryers and different heating systems of hot oil, steam and gas. The leaf opening and closing design of the dryer is convenient for the operator to penetrate the film and clean the drum and nozzle

this model can well meet customers' expectations: all reservations received by open house were confirmed during the exhibition. Several machines have been sold in the United States, China and South America

rs 4003 MP has a width range of 850 - 1250 - 1500 mm, a printing cylinder circumference of 400 - 920 mm, and a speed of 350 m/min

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