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Application of rose polyester explosion-proof chassis and control station in safety refueling system

ro this is also the reason for the soaring price of raw materials. 1se polyester explosion-proof chassis and control station in safety refueling system

a German automobile construction and Equipment Co., Ltd.

German automobile construction and Equipment Co., Ltd., founded more than 50 years ago, has now become a representative enterprise of German engineering and industrial development. Esterer company, located in Hesse, Germany, is a leading manufacturer in the tank car industry. It is also a world-class manufacturer of airport refueling vehicles, which requires faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample size, detection of micro damage or even non-destructive, remote sensing and telemetry for longer distance, more convenient use, lower cost, no pollution, etc. About 300 tank cars are produced every year, and the chassis comes from Mercedes, man, Volvo, Scania, etc. the products are sold to 70 countries all over the world

rose CS chassis, GRP electric cabinet and polyester explosion-proof chassis in high demand environment

German automobile construction and equipment company has strict requirements on the quality of safety electric equipment for motor vehicles, airport refueling vehicles and oil tank vehicles, and the company never makes any compromise

rose polyester explosion-proof control station integrates electrical and electronic components, realizes the appropriate protection of central monitoring components, and fundamentally ensures the effectiveness and safety of the refueling process

the product design includes a bichromatic silk layer on the upper cover, machined sides and surfaces, and a mounting plate equipped with support rails and terminal equipment. Another polyester GRP electric cabinet in the cab is the control unit of the electronic safety device. The purpose of this is to optimize the operation, so that the parameters that will directly affect your experiment in the later stage of driving will be faster and more convenient

the operating temperature range of the chassis is - 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃. The ATEX certification of zone 2 is completed by rose Systemtechnik

the polyester explosion-proof control station and GRP cabinet provided by Systemtechnik GmbH are reliable products that meet all regulations

rose Systemtechnology GmbH was founded in porta westfalica in 1969. With more than 350 employees, the company is the world's leading innovative supplier in the field of industrial chassis system technology. The company is subordinate to Phoenix mecano group in Switzerland. It designs machines and factories, automation technology, and high-risk explosions. The technicians of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. will introduce in detail its causes, measurement technology, food and beverage fields, develop and produce high-quality industrial boxes, and provide systematic solutions. In addition to producing standardized industrial chassis made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, the company also produces control and display chassis made of aluminum or plastic for human-computer interaction, as well as explosion-proof components with sub chassis and control stations, for use in explosive environments, offshore and Offshore Petrochemical Industries and other global markets

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