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Suwu Futures: Shanghai fuel oil will still be at a high level

[futures market]

on June 23, Shanghai fuel oil fu0809 closed at 5240, up 72, and its position increased by 3218 to 59166 hands; There is great uncertainty in international crude oil supply. The settlement price of NYMEX August crude oil futures closed higher by US $1.38 on the 23rd, or 1.02%, and the R & D technology was steadily improved to US $136.74 per barrel

[spot market]

on the spot market, on June 23, huataixing Singapore high sulfur 180CST quoted 5250 yuan/ton, unchanged from the previous trading day; In Zhangjiagang market, the quotation of domestic and 180CST warehouse ships was at yuan/ton, up 30 yuan/ton, and the market trading volume was small

[message side]

1 According to foreign news, due to the destruction of crude oil production facilities by militants, the reduction of crude oil production in Nigeria may offset the daily increase of 200000 barrels in Saudi Arabia. It is expected that the crude oil supply situation will remain difficult to improve in the short term

2. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad once again ignored the call of oil producing countries to increase production in response to high oil prices on the 23rd, saying that the crude oil market was too saturated and production exceeded consumption, and that oil prices were being artificially pushed up

3. According to foreign reports, according to a survey of seven analysts, the Department of energy is expected to announce on the 25th that crude oil inventories in the United States will decrease by 300000 barrels for the week ending June 20, a sixth consecutive week of decline

4. The U.S. Department of energy said that it would purchase 3million related enterprises, which could be used as supporting US $civil heating oil to supplement reserves

5. Ual Corp, the parent company of United Airlines, said on Monday that it plans to lay off 950 pilots as it prepares to cut domestic transport capacity to offset rising fuel prices

[investment analysis]

international crude oil is easy to rise but difficult to fall; The increase in electricity prices has also made domestic enterprises adapt to the high price, which also suggests and urges us to further strengthen the affordability of oil prices

technically, the futures price returned to above the 5-day average, MACD and RSI indicators also began to return to strength, and the market bullish sentiment is still strong

in terms of operation, the rising pattern remains good, and we continue to focus on bull thinking

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