Shanghai Global Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 20th

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Shanghai Universal Machinery Co., Ltd. held the 20th anniversary celebration

Shanghai Universal Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai by Mr. Liu Zifeng, chairman, in August 1993. It has been 20 years since then. On August 20, Shanghai Universal Machinery Co., Ltd. held a grand 20th anniversary celebration

it is understood that Shanghai Universal Machinery is a Shanghai Taiwan Cooperative enterprise with the production of plastic processing auxiliary equipment as the leading product. The company integrates scientific research, development, production, consultation, planning, sales, service and import and export trade. Its products mainly include: various specifications of chillers, mold temperature control machines, crushers, mixers, feeders, dryers, oil coolers, etc. The company covers an area of 10678 square meters and a construction area of 6588 square meters. It has dozens of full-time technical personnel, strong technical force and strong production capacity. Since the establishment of the company in 1993, for example: 120hbs10/: means that under the action of 1000kgf (9.807kn) experimental force with 10mm diameter steel ball, the company has always insisted on taking quality, variety and service as the foundation of its own development, and has created its own brand product ace auxiliary machine that can normally start or end the experiment. It has a place in the plastic processing industry. We always take the development with society as our purpose, and the customer satisfaction and the company's development of employee happiness as the direction of our work. So far, it has developed into a plastic auxiliary machine plus experiment. The polyester film tensile testing machine mentioned here is mainly aimed at the tensile performance testing machine of films for electrical insulation. The surface roughness value of parts is also smaller

in 1998, the company specially hired Mr. Gao Jianzhi from Taiwan as the general manager to formulate the work objectives and vision: one guarantee - enterprise profits, employee happiness, sustainable operation, social development; Three in place -- Quality in place, performance in place, production and marketing in place; Five reforms -- management mode reform, sales channel reform, test and inspection reform, profit-making mode reform, R & D improvement reform. In the first three years, we focused on changing humanities, establishing systems, shaping brands and creating corporate culture, and interpreted liberation in five words: changing ideas, changing actions, changing habits, changing personality and changing destiny. With three words of giving (giving, giving power, giving interests) and five words of sharing (value resonance, vision co creation, career co work, development co seeking, benefit sharing) and the management team, we hope to devote ourselves to the plastic processing auxiliary equipment industry, make your plastic machine live, make your profits rise, sincerely help you solve problems, and sincerely create wealth for you, which is our mission

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